You will need a hot glue gun, scissors and maybe a pair of sharp nipper pliers.

Acorns are a natural symbol of fall and they match the kraft box perfectly. They are the nuts of the oak tree so if you know where to find an oak you will probably be able to find acorns.
The trick is to know when to find them in top shape because they will deteriorate over time if they are left on the forest floor.

That is not to say you would not find some leftover from last year if you search hard enough.
Find them in the late summer or fall, bring them home and lay them out on a few layers of newspaper to dry.

If you do not want to bother finding them on the ground you can probably find them on the internet and artificial versions are available at some craft stores.

Get started

  • Measure all the raffia you will need.
  • Make sure the acorns are clean so that the glue will stick.
  • Tie the raffia around the box. If you need instructions see the
    instructions for the raffia box.
  • Apply a dot of glue on the nut end of the acorn and another on the
    cap end so they are both held in place.
  • Use 2 or 3, one bigger and one or two smaller ones.
  • When they are all finished go back and check for any loose ones,
    re gluing where necessary.

When the nuts dry they are liable to lose their tops. Let them rest in place while they dry so you can tell who’s hat is who’s. Use the hot glue to refasten the tops to the nuts when they are completely dry.

There are many other type of nuts and seed pods, any of which would work fine. If you are using seed pods make sure they are not going to pop open and spill the contents on the banquet table.

Handle and transport them carefully as with any of the hand decorated favor boxes.

Its always more fun to do these types of crafts with a small group people.
Plan a box decorating party and invite family or friends.

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