The sun shone again and it is really working to dry things up. And the weather is coming around to where we can put some things out. We had to pick up more cement blocks because our supply has become depleted with the temporary greenhouse benches. Seems like another nice day indeed.

Normally we do not think much of using pallets for benches because they are usually big, heavy, bulky and greasy, however we made a lucky find that changed our minds.
When we built the new temporary greenhouse we did not build it with the intention of using it for a greenhouse forever. So there was not a lot of thought about benches but when we were finished building we had to face the fact that unless we were going to put the plants on the ground we needed something for benches.

So off to town we went in search of something to use. We considered every thing we saw. Perhaps if we found some abandoned shopping carts we could cut the bottoms and the sides out. After all they would not rot and air would circulate, but what would we do with all the cart carcasses. It might look fishy to see a lot of shopping cart parts in front of the house, out for the trash. Not to mention the karma thing.

After a lot of looking at the lumber and hardware stores we were about to call it a day when we happened by a local commercial trucking firm. To our surprise, out in front by the drive and stacked for the taking were the nicest little pallets we ever saw. And we just happened to have the truck.

They are 2 feet by 4 feet and perfectly clean. Nice and light, easy to handle, and free. It just takes 2 cement blocks to hold them up and each one will accommodate 4 flats. On the blocks they are at a nice height for working.

Then when we are finished we can stack them very neatly and cover them with a green tarp making them invisible. Of course one of the property rules is that anything left in the same spot for more than a week becomes invisible anyway but if we use the tarp it gives the impression that we are at least trying, even if we are really slacking.

Anyway they used up all the cement blocks so we had to get more for the benches around the greenhouse. We will have enough blocks for a good sized foundation before long and moving them around will give us good biceps to boot.

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