mrs Henry cox
I was going to write a post about the foolish way that Lowes is selling flowers at this time of year but that will have to wait for a day or so.

I cut my left hand index finger with scissors as I was clipping some fancy leaf geraniums for propagation because I forgot to be careful in with scissors in the greenhouse.

This particular plant is Mrs. Henry Cox and it has a very colorful leaf. For one reason or another we are left with a single plant and it is a few years old but has some healthy shoots that I wanted to clip for rooting.

In a case like this, when we have only one plant, we try to get the best yield without ruining the mother plant.
I was cutting into some very hard and old wood and was using quite a bit of force with the Fiskars garden scissors. All at once the scissors snapped shut and my finger was in the way.

I felt the pressure and held it tight because it was one of those times that you know it’s bad and you would rather not see how bad it was. I managed to keep the end of the finger gripped between my thumb and palm while I finished the last 2 cuttings.

Naturally my hands were covered with all kinds of dirt and were stained brown and sticky from handling the cuttings.

I came up to the house and washed my hands with antibacterial soap and dried it up. I let it bleed freely for a minute or so with the thought that this might clean any foreign material from the wound.

Then some band-aids and tape and it should be fine. The only problem is the cut is near the end of my finger and I need it to type. So I will take it easy and keep the posts brief for the time being.
I have had a tetanus shot within the past 10 years so that is not a worry. Tetanus shots are a good idea for people who work in soil and handle sharp tools. Thank God we do not have a giant wind chime order to tie.

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