It has been a few days between posts because we have been really busy with spring wedding favors and the plants. Bed time is about 3:00 am and that cuts down on our sleep time. Which makes us groggy and bone tired. And pressed for time. I am still using the spell check with my email program for the blog. There is a spell check available but I have not had the time to sort it out. When I tried to install it the whole blog locks up and throws an error.

Stoopid computer anyway. The old reliable windows 98 machine started making some funny noises so we broke down and got a newer one. Dual cores running at almost 3 ghz and a gig of memory. You would think it would work OK. Wrong! This machine works about as well as the old one and we have to keep the 98 machine networked in because many of our older programs will not work on the XP Media Edition that came installed on the new one.

I am totally disgusted with the level of quality in goods and services these days and equally amazed at the low expectations the general public demonstrates when accepting the low quality, but that’s a topic for another post.

But we are catching up on orders and that’s good.
Everything is starting to fill out, plants are booming and looking nice. In the past we were shooting for just before memorial day figuring on that is when people around here begin to plant. But 2 things have happened.

Thing one is the big box stores start getting plants in at Easter. This way people may be inclined to buy if we get a unseasonably warm day or weekend. The pansies and violas are fine for the cool weather most all of the annuals are sensitive to cold and need to be protected.

The second thing to happen is the influx of people from other parts of the country. Many are from the south and they are not familiar with our fickle climate.

Our solution is to try and be a little earlier. When a customer want to buy early we can let them know that the cold weather will probably ruin the plants if they start early with no protection.
Anyway this is the reason we need more greenhouse space. If we are to have stock ready to sell early we must have room to store them rather than placing them out doors as we have done in the past.

More space will allow us to grow more as well. We are limited to the varieties we can accommodate with the one greenhouse. The only thing to consider is what size and type of structure to go with. But this is thinking ahead. It has been really dry and we have plants to water.

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