It seems like candy, sweets and other treats have always been a part of weddings and other get togethers.
Traditionally Jordan Almonds were the first choice but one by one new favorites work their way into the picture.

Now that most people have computers and desktop graphics programs it is easy to make customized wrappers for candy bars.

How to do Candy Favors:
1. Choose the type of candy you want to use.
2. Candy bars are an first choice because the labels are easy to make.
3. Remove the outside wrapper and measure it for size.
4. Now make a new wrapper using your favorite desk top publishing program.
5. Import a photo or capture a special graphic to match the theme.
6. Print the finished design and cut it to size.
7. Now just tape it in place and you are done.
8. If you don’t feel up to the task just do a web search for “candy wrappers” and you will surely get a lot of ideas.

Want to make your own candy?
Most arts and crafts stores carry everything you need.

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