The sun came out this after noon and put us in the mood to tidy up the grounds. Every spring it the same routine. Do what we did last fall only backwards. Cleaning up the yard junk is a necessary task every spring.

Since we do not have an equipment building yet we are forced to wrap everything in site with plastic tarps. Of course we can not just tuck the tarps in around the corners like a fitted sheet. We must tie the tarps up with stout cord lest they run off with the implements.

There were a number of odds and ends laying around and big bags of greenhouse plastic to be taken care of. It looks better now and before long we will have people walking back and forth and we want it to look nice.

We also made a display for the bird houses and feeders. One day last week we were walking on the island in Black River, and we found the top 10 feet of a large pine tree. It has been down for many years and the bark is missing but the random branches make perfect hangers for feeders and houses. We even put a few chimes out. The pictures will be up soon.

Well the birds are starting to sing so its time to hit the hay.

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