Today we took advantage of the balmy 39 degree temps to replace the covering on the studio extension.
While we were nailing the plastic down we were accompanied by the ever-present song of the chickadees.
As we continued to pound we notices a click click click, coming from one of the white pines . Apparently we had piqued the interest of one our our resident Curious Downy Woodpecker. Sure enough we could see in the tree, close to the trunk, a female woodpecker keeping time to the hammer blows.

male downy woodpecker

Then suddenly as she appeared, she was gone. We probably were not as interesting to her in person as we first sounded. I looked around for a male but there was none in site. Just the female downy, chickadees, a few juncos. I thought I heard a nuthatch too but we could not spot one.
Hopefully we will soon have the bird cam moved out back to the larger feeding area where we put out suet and nuts for the woodpeckers.

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