About 2 weeks ago we were awaken by squawking and scratching outside our bedroom window. By the sounds of squeaks and whistles we knew the culprits were Starlings.

It seemed they had found a small opening in the siding and were fixing to take up housekeeping in the wall of our house. We bought this old house a few years ago and have not been able to finish repairs to the siding. If there is a small opening the Starlings will find it and fill it with sticks, grass, string and baby Starlings.

The only way to deter them is to block off the opening. A simple piece of board and some galvanized nails fixed the problem. Of course we made sure there were no starlings in the wall before we blocked off the entrance.

Early the next morning the birds returned to continue the project only to find the door had been nailed shut. They hung around for a few minutes and then left. They have not returned.

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