First, please understand we do not sell the decorated boxes because we are busy enough just making the wedding favors. These articles deal with how to decorate wedding favor gift boxes.

Even if we did, the boxes would not ship well as some have features which could crush in shipment.

The good news is we have put together step by step instructions on how you can decorate your boxes like the ones shown here.

The challenge was to come up with some interesting designs and then post the instructions on how to decorate the boxes we include with our wedding favors.

We gathered some craft store items along with some nuts and twigs and a glue gun and here are the results.

All of the materials are available from your local department store, sewing shop, crafts supply house or the internet.

Many of the items can be found during a walk in the woods or on the beach or even a drive in the country.

Look around and use your imagination because collecting the decorations can be part of the fun.

Although the boxes used in these illustrations are the ones we use for our favors, we cannot sell just the boxes due to a agreement with our box supplier.

There are many sources for these type of boxes on the web.

These instructions are guide lines, and you should feel free to substitute materials when ever you want to make a truly unique wedding favor box.

A word of caution.

You will be using sharp things like scissors and wire cutters and hot things like glue guns and so forth.

Be careful and make sure you are working in a safe well lit place with plenty of room.

One more thought please.
These favor boxes feature small decorations like the plastic doves, small nuts and pine cones.

Small items like these are a choking hazard for small children and pets.
If you think this fact may be of concern to you or your guests we recommend that you stick with one of the tied examples rather that the ones which feature little trinkets.

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