In addition to the chimes and ornaments we offer these other hand crafted favors.
We also offer how to articles for many of the favors found on this page.

Flower Seed Favors

• If you are one of those couples who are close to the earth you might consider giving seed wedding favors.
The flowers will brighten their day and lend a bright spot to their lives.
We offer a number of colors and several paper types.
Check the page for seed varieties.

Candle Favors

• Many people associate candles with wedding as they have always been a part of ceremonies and receptions parties.

Stained Glass Favors

• Our stained glass favors are a combination of a personalized porcelain diamond and 2 glass half circles to form the classic heart but with a twist.

Sachets Favors

• Sachets have long been a staple as a wedding favor and we have a collection of embroidered versions. If you are crafty and can sew we include step by step directions to make your own.

Potpourri Favors

• Potpourri is a combination of fragrant flower petals, herbs and other ingredients like exotic seed pods and resin rich wood shavings. Use it in sachets or simmer it in a special potpourri pot to release the scent.
We also give instruction on tying a tulle potpourri bag.

Incense Favors

• While not for everybody we offer a variety incense sticks.
Use it to set the mood or include a few stick in a gift bag.

Plantable Seeds


Potted Herb Wedding Favors

As always if you have questions about these or any of our favors please feel free to email us or call.