Late this evening and early this morning a soft sticky snow fell, covering the branches and feeders. This is not unusual for this part of the country as we are liable to get snow on the 4th of July.
That said, after a particularly cold and brutal winter we are looking forward to spring weather.

The birds were busy at the feeders tanking up as the temperatures were hovering around 30 degrees F. The Downy Woodpeckers spend time at the suet feeder. Phyllis makes a cake with rendered beef suet and peanut butter the birds seem to like, especially the woodpeckers.

Female Downy Woodpeckers are about 8 inches from tip to tail and a little bit smaller than the male. The female does not have the red patch on the back of the head.
Both the male and female are timid compared to a chickadee, who will sit close by on a branch and scold us until a fresh supply of black oil sunflower seeds is delivered.

We have observed the Female Downy Woodpecker taking smaller seed but they seem to like the suet feeders best and I know they go for bugs in the wild. This time of year there are not as many bugs readily available and the suet is easy.

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