Now that the holiday is over the big question is “how to get rid of a Christmas tree? You remember, the one that we tried so hard to keep fresh.

This year it we picked a really fresh tree and to this date, it has not dropped any needles. Which is a good thing because there is no big mess to clean up but bad because we have less incentive to take the tree down. However the tree is occupying the space normally used by the tread mill and we are not getting the exercise we should be getting to one way or another the tree has to go.

The easiest way to get rid of the tree, at least around these parts, is to leave it at the curb and it magically disappears. I don’t know if the tree elves come and take it away or if it is just the village department of public works but what ever the case the tree disappears in a few days. Unless we have a snow storm, in which case the tree gets buried in a snow bank that may well not melt until spring. Around here spring can fall anywhere between April and July so the tree may be here for a while.

Another way to use the tree is to stand it up in the yard and hand wild bird treats from it. The branches and needles form a nice cozy hiding place for the birds. Then in the spring we simply take the tree and pile it up with other brush along the edge of the woods.

Christmas trees make good mulch but grinding one up requires a mulcher. We have a really nice one but it usually is buttoned up for the winter so the tree would need to be stored until the spring. Then the mulcher could be brought out and the excess brush could be turned into mulch along with the Christmas tree.

I remember reading somewhere that bass fishermen in the south will tie a cinder block to a Christmas tree and sink it in a pond or body of water to provide shelter for fish. This sounds like a good idea at first but the prospect of loosing an expensive fishing lure to a submerged tree is not so appealing, not to mention the fact that cinder blocks are usually not free.

Personally we like the idea of the bird feeder tree. We paid $40.00 for that sucker and we want to get as much use and enjoyment from it as we can.

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