The green peppers are going gang busters. We set about 100 plants and with a yield of about 5 peppers per we have a bumper crop. The walls are not quite as thick as some we have grown but they are juicy and the flavor is great.

green peppers

What we do not sell or eat fresh get cut into 1 to 2 inch pieces and frozen for future use. Already there are at least 10 stuffed quart bags in the freezer. We cull the crowders so the others have room to grow. More will be picked green and about 1/2 the crop will be left to turn red. The peppers sugar increases as they ripen so we ill have tart green and sweet red peppers for stir fries and casseroles for a year or more.

Other choirs are winding down. Most of the perennials are sold and it looks like we will be starting fresh next year which is find because some of the old pots were full of weeds. Plus we don’t have to water them. I think we are not keeping the green house going this winter. We will be using a smaller version, yet to be built.

I procured a greenhouse hoop bender that will turn 2 pieces of 10’6″ 17 gauge chain link fence top rail into a 12′ greenhouse hoop. This make s the hoops much less expensive and there is no shipping cost. A larger bender available for 20′ hoops but we figure it’s better to start small and move up. Judging by the requests on Craigs List for greenhouse hoops we may be able to sell a few as well.

We are still putting up the end of the pickles. Last week we picked a wheel barrow load of cucumbers for pickles and they are nearly all caned as bread and butter or dill pickles, depending on the size.

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