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If you want to decorate and accessorize your wedding or party in an original natural way you may want to think about growing flowers and other plants just for that occasion.
We use the term wedding for this article because we are primarily a wedding site but you could just as well substitute anniversary party or birthday party.

This is the introduction to a series which we will be compiling and posting to the site starting July 12.
Subsequent installments will be posted each week for 4 weeks.

If a segment is posted early it does not mean the next one will be, it just means we had some extra time or became inspired to complete a part early.

There are 4 parts to the series.
Part One: Introduction ( *your are here )
Part Two: Wedding theme considerations.
Part Three: Pre planning. before wedding.
Part Four: The ceremony and reception. Putting it all together
*And any other parts we may add as we go along.
By the way we are open to any feed back or literary contributions.

Growing your own wedding can be a fun way to decorate for your theme wedding, while adding a personal touch.
You and your guests will enjoy and appreciate the occasion all the more knowing that your time and love has been invested.

Anyone with even a 4 by 4 foot space can grow a wide variety of plants for decoration and other uses.
There are a few “ground rules” that will make the experience more successful and enjoyable.
Rule 1. Plan well in advance and keep a notebook of goals and progress and always have a plan A and a plan B When growing out doors plants will respond differently to warm and cold, dry and wet, which will affect the length of the growing period.

Use the recommendations on the seed packets or the advice from where you bought the seeds or plants.
Don’t forget, everything takes longer than it takes. Timing is important and we will address that in the next writing.

Make sure to set aside enough assembly time for things like invitations, table decorations and so forth. Plan for and have contingencies for example if you are using flower petals to embellish invitations then scout out a florist or other source where you can get some similar ones if there is a problem.
If others are helping try to have a stand by in case a helper is forced to bow out.
Rule 2. If one or 2 little things do not go as planned nobody other than you will know. The only way your guests will know is if you let on.

Take a deep breath and relax.
Of course this is an important event and you want to be sure everything is perfect but its not worth ruining the whole day over trifle matters. It’s not the end of the world so try to take missteps in stride.

If you follow rule 1 then rule 2 will take care of its self.

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