heart wedding favor ornament

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As low as $2.75, unpersonalized.
Personalization @ 25 ¢ each + $20.00 setup.
Gift boxes included free!

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The heart wedding favors ornaments were one of our first wedding favor designs for good reason.

The heart has long stood for love and devotion and it is said that true love can be felt in the heart so it’s logical that we would include this design in our collection.

We craft the hearts from white or terra cotta clay. If you want we can sponge color the white hearts, sorry but the terra cotta does not take color well. Choose a coordinating ribbon color to match your wedding theme.

We color the heart on one of two ways, just like the butterfly ornament. Check out the personalization page to see more examples.

Each ornament is 3-3/4 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches high.

A personalized instruction card and vial of aroma oil are included with each favor at no extra cost.