Heart, as described by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is the emotional or moral as distinguished from the intellectual nature. One’s most innermost character, feelings or inclinations. Love, as described by the same text, is a feeling of strong affection for another.

Although some physiologists will tell you that the heart is the organ that pumps blood through your body and love is all in your brain, you know, chemistry, dopamine’s, serotonin, mating processes, continuance of the species and all that stuff. Hearts and Love are something else altogether.

But wait, according to studies done at the Heart Math Institute of Boulder Creek CA the electromagnetic energy of the heart increases significantly when people consciously feel love or care while in physical contact or even if they’re in close proximity.

From the beginning of time emotions of love have been related to the heart.
The ancients thought of the heart as the origin of human emotion and where their soul resided.
The Roman’s thought that if Cupid’s arrow pierced one’s heart, he or she would fall deeply in love.
To give your heart means to give of yourself completely, your whole being.

To those in love there is no stronger or more important symbol than the heart.
The heart wedding favors are a perfect way to express your love and share it with your guests.

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