The past few days we have accumulated about a foot of snow, not a lot by most standards, but enough to have the birds looking for food.

The lilac tree next to the main feeding station was full of sparrows. They group together to gain shelter from the driving snow. That side of the house makes a good spot for them. There are several trees and of course the feeding station.

We had to snow blow a path to the station this morning through a foot and a half of drift but once the path is started it’s a breeze. Phyllis wasted no time filling the feeders as the birds come to expect it.

There was no sign of the bunny today. He is probably hunkered down and even if he could have made it out he would have had trouble with the snow. It was over the bumper of the RV where he likes to eat. Phyllis filled his dish anyway and hopefully he will make his way to it tomorrow. We plan to build a hutch for him in the hopes that he will have a safe warm place for the winter. I am fairly sure he is a domestic rabbit as he is all black and wild rabbits are usually gray unless they turn white in the winter like the snow shoe hare.

Anyway he looked cold the other night with his ears pulled back tight.

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