We have been busy and there has not been much time to post.

But we also need to take time to work on the sites and so here we are.

The weather is cold and rainy and some of the nights are still too cold to leave some plants out. Which means if the weather report looks like temperatures in the 30’s we have to cover all the annuals.

The solution to this problem, and it is a problem to do this night after night, is to build another larger greenhouse, which we intend to do this summer.

We have ordered some hostas in. There will be about 8 kinds and they will be different from what is locally available. This is just a start and we hope to have a large selection for next year.

Before we can go too far we need to build a hosta house. This will be an enclosure with a base like our perennial beds and a cover of shade cloth on the top and deer netting on the sides. We picked a spot back by the woods where it tends to be shady anyway.
This is not expensive but we need to protect them from deer.

There is a new article in the how to section on how to get rid of ants. This is a method we have used for years with great success. Find it here Getting rid of ants in the home and kitchen/

The Alex Bay farmers market begins this Friday and we have a new spot by the Kinny Drug Store on RT 12 at the Bay. I hope this spot works out because I picked it.

We have to make a display for baskets and bird feeders/house and the chimes so it’s back to work for now. Hopefully we will have more time to post tomorrow.

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