$1000 greenhouse + backhoe = $50.00 greenhouse equals how to ruin a greenhouse.

For the past week or so I have noticed a boat trailer parked by the side of the road that we take when we go to Alex Bay. Friday I noticed there was a car in the driveway and so we stopped to ask about the trailer.

We have a 1951 Feathercraft deluxe runabout which has a trailer but we also have a 1961 Lyman and a 57 Chris Craft Continental and they do not have trailers. So we are more or less looking for trailers.
When we pulled into the driveway we were greeted by a young lady, the lady of the house as it were. She was stepping out of a travel trailer and went over to turn off the generator that was situated near the travel trailer.

It turns out the young couple recently bought the house and land at a tax auction and they were living in the travel trailer with their 2 young boys and a German Shepherd dog.

Anyway she said the trailer was $30.00 but for an extra $10.00 they would throw in a boat motor. We looked at the boat trailer and sadly it was in such poor shape that I would not have taken $30.00 to remove it from the side of the road. But I was intrigued by the motor.

The young lady led us into the back lot where the boat motor was stored in the middle of a field. It turned out to be an old 16 hp Oliver out board and it was complete. I figured the prop was worth $10.00 so I agreed to the price.

On the way back to the car we passed a pile of rubble with what appeared to be some pipe protruding from the sides. They looked like greenhouse hoops. Hey, I said, those look like greenhouse hoops. Yeah she said, with out much emotion, my husband cleared off the land and there was a greenhouse but we could not get anyone to come and take it down so he knocked it down with a bobcat and we are going to have the fire department burn everything.

After looking at the pile we determined we could salvage at least 5 of the hoops and offered him $50.00. Long story short, well too late for that, but after spending about 4 hours sawing, digging, prying, sweating, cursing and getting rained on we had the hoops home. That would give us enough material for a 30 foot tunnel for baskets next spring.

It’s too bad though, because if he had advertised the thing for sale he could have sold it for and easy $500.00. Not to mention the benches, and multitude of pots, flats, trays and the like buried together with tires, trees and tons of sod.

By the way we are posting the progress of a swallow tail butterfly caterpillar we found on some fern leaf dill. Seems they like it and there we 2 but by the time I got out to get them one was gone. I will post photos each day until the butterfly emerges. This is the first photo.


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