Most brides take great care when giving out directions to the venue but what happens when roads are closed other unseen circumstances affect the travel directions so keep guests informed of changes.    Fires, floods, storms, and equipment failure can close a banquet hall at the last minute.

A good address list will come in handy for mailing update cards but you can not assume everyone will get the update.

In some cases emails and phone calls to close friends and family can help to notify the guests.  A phone call or email to as many guests as possible will help to avoid embarrassing mix-ups.

Handouts can be printed and left at the preferred motels so that last minute guests will be aware of the changes.

Signs from the ceremony to the reception can help and make sure they are large enough and placed where they can be easily seen.

Lastly make sure that limousine and other transportation drivers are aware of any changes.  A bus load of missing guests can throw the timetable off causing delays.

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