Lavender has a soft sweet fragrance that is said to be calming.
No wonder it has always been a mainstay at weddings!

For growing in a colder climate, recommend the munsted variety as it is very fragrant and it will thrive in zone 4.

Once established it will come back year after year.

If you are growing your own plan ahead as lavender takes a while to grow.
The plants need a good deal of sun light so if you do not have greenhouse start the seeds in a sunny window and move to a cold frame or use growing lights.
Another method is to buy plants from a garden nursery but again, check the variety.

lavender potpourri 1

No matter if you grow your own or buy from a dealer you should not need to augment the fragrance with additional oil.
If you feel you can get by with out extra scent use only a high quality essential oil.
Lower quality fragrance oils are sometimes formulated from chemicals and often smell nasty.

lavender potpourri 13

For potpourri use the flower heads and the leaves.
Cut the stems when the flowers are opening and hang them upside down in a dry place.
Drying might take a few weeks and you could use a food dehydrator to speed things up, but be aware
your dried apples could end up smelling like lavender as the fragrance is potent.
Lavender sprigs are a colorful addition to a natural wild flower and herb bouquet.
Cut the stems when the flowers are just starting to open.

Tie a bunch of 3 together and place at each setting as a token of good luck.

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