While reading brides questions this morning I stopped at one that asked about making a make a wedding theme card box to match a football theme wedding.

For those who do not remember a card box is a container used to receive and hold the cards that guests bring to the party, some or best wishes but many also contain money.
Not everyone uses a card box. Some use a large plate or silver platter but more and more brides are turning to the box as a secure choice.

A simple card box could be constructed from a 12 inch square cardboard carton covered with white butcher paper. This type of box could be stenciled or decoupaged with clipped pictures of flowers or other images that matched the wedding theme.

Glue on some silk maple leaves or the real thing for a fall theme wedding. Other materials could include tulle, pieces of lace, fabric that matches the brides maids dresses and so on.
For a football theme wedding take a football shaped balloon and make a paper mache box. Use strips of newspaper torn about 2 inches wide and soaked in wallpaper paste. Put on one layer at a time until the paper is about 1/4 inch thick. Then paint the “box” to match the colors of the football including the stitches.

For a beach theme box use braided rope for a border and glue sand and shells to the outside.
If the bride and groom are traveling for a honeymoon clip travel brochures and paste the names of far off cities to the outside. Better yet get an old suit case from the second hand store and cut a slot in the side. Decorate the suite case with names of exotic travel destinations.

Place the box near a register book so that the guests can sign their names when they leave a card.
Put on your thinking cap and you will be able to come up with some good ideas in no time. A hand crafted card box can add to the atmosphere of the party and provide a safe secure place for all the monetary gifts.

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