It seems like this will get done at the end of the day, and quite often that is beyond the end of the day, so to speak.

On uh count of everything piles up and gets pushed back until the next thing you know ole Jeds’ a Millionaire.. or its 2 or 3 tomorrow morning.

It looks like the weather is going to be 60 or so during the day and 40 or so at night. We shall put the herbs out. In addition we will put some of the hearty annuals and most of the perennials out as well.
Some stuff will stay in the greenhouse. This would include marigolds, zinnias, tomato and pepper plants. Any of the tender starts will stay in for now as well.

Its important to keep an eye out for fungus in the cooler weather. We hit most every things every 7 to 10 days with serenade fungicide. Like everything else we use it is organic certified and can be applied up to the date of harvest, although the only thing we have ever used it on would be paste tomatoes.

SO we watch to see what might need a shot. Last year the spring was a bit cool and wet so to keep the marigolds in good shape we applied the fungicide every 7 days or so. The marigold blooms tend to hold water and they can stay wet all day, allowing fungi to grow. If it gets a foot hold it will go into bottom of the the bloom or bud and the flowers will fall apart.

Some folks might think we are a bit anal when it comes to what we use on the garden and plants but we eat the fruit from the same plants we grow to sell and we do not wish to bombard our systems with any more toxins than we have to. Plus we have to work with this stuff. We want it to be safe.

Today was a low water day being cool and a bit cloudy and tomorrow ( or today to be correct ) looks to shape up the same way. We will be moving stuff around and probably potting up some geraniums.
We have a really great batch this year, good selection and they look nice. Zonal, ivy, Martha Washington, fancy leaf and some others. The regime of fungicide really helped to keep everything in good shape. Some of the lemon scented with the Martha Washington type leaves were a bit yellow but they really turn around when they get out doors.

Same goes for the golden sage and the pineapple sage. They seem like the most fussy herbs we have and it’s odd that the tri colored sage and the broad leaf sage do really well while the others are more trouble.

We took some cuttings from each and the tri colored sage started when all the others seems to crap out. So we tried leaving them in some water for a few days and that seemed to do the trick. We want to use the fancy herbs in the baskets this year for some variations while we will probably do some with the tried and true varieties.

SO that’s it for now. Time to hit the hay because even thought when we wake up in the morning and it seems like Saturday it will really be Friday and we have other chores to do as well as the garden.

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