In years past it seemed like everyone wanted to be a spring or May bride. Couples planned months in advance for the special day with high hopes of fair weather.

The trouble is we now can not accurately predict the weather much better than we could years ago, especially month or more in advance.

So the boy scout motto of ” be prepared” still applies.

It seems like the amount of planing is relative to the geographical location. For example in our part of the woods we can have snow in June but in more southern climes the problem may be just the opposite.
Naturally outdoor weddings will require special planning no matter where they are held but even indoor events can be a challenge in changing weather.

Check the venues for the ceremony and the party afterword for easy access in the case of rain or snow. People tracking mud and water onto a dance floor can cause all kinds of trouble. Roll up runners are a good way to catch the mess and avoid dangerous or embarrassing situations.

It might be wise to keep an alternate venue in mind for any occasion and especially when living in an area that is prone to disruptive storms. If the roof is blown off the reception hall you may need to make a quick decision on where to go and having a short list of other available rooms can save the say, literally.

Umbrellas are always handy and you could encourage your guests to be prepared. Likewise you could have some on hand for the wedding party and special guests. Unless you are wealthy it may be a waste of money to go out and buy them. If you can afford it go ahead, and you may be able to return them if they are not used. Otherwise beg and borrow them if you can, although it might be dicey asking a favor from an uninvited acquaintance.

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