After trying to posing the last thing at night I have decided to switch post time to the morning. The problem is time, and my level of consciousness late at night.

There are a number of activities that keep us busy during the day including making and shipping birdhouses, shipping wedding favors, working on the gardens and in the greenhouse and dealing with customers. Not to mention picking up materials and running errands.

This leaves the evening for making wedding favors and working on the web sites. Since we normally, ( or usually as nothing is normal around here ), work on wedding favors until about Midnight, work on the websites and most correspondence falls to the time after that which can easily be 3 or 4 in the morning. By that time of night the most important thing is getting some sleep. Writing is difficult and easy to push aside.

This will not do since the goal with the blog is to make a daily post.
So we will try mornings for a while and see what works best although I have a hunch that mornings will be a better time. Maybe notes would help remember what happened last night. One benefit to morning posting is that dreams are still fresh in the memory.

For example, last night I had a dream that a couple we know from where we used to live, Black River, had bought our old house. In the dream the wife was mowing the lawn with a ride on lawn mower but in reality this is ridiculous as the lawn was about 30 feet square. A goat would have had no trouble doing it in a half an hour.

Anyway she was going around the lawn when she became stuck. The more she tried to escape the deeper the mower went. After a while she had a hole about 8 feet wide and 12 feet deep with the lawn tractor at the bottom. Sand was cascading into the pit and on to her head. I remember thinking why doesn’t she turn the mower off.

Anyway the husband reached into the pit with one arm, grabbed her by the back of the shirt and pulled her out in a single motion. Again this is contrary to real life as she is bigger than he. There was a lot more to the dream but this is not a dream blog, however a dream blog would not be a bad idea.

Since a very young age I have remembered my dreams in detail. In facts there have been times in my life when I would prepare for dreaming before falling asleep so that I could use lucid dream time to solve problems or work on making decisions and of course flying !

So yesterday we potted up about 20 baskets with things like red ivy geraniums and German ivy, scented geraniums, pansy and violas and mixed baskets using sun coleus, black eyed Susan vine, bush morning glory and alyssum. To day the plan is to make up some herb baskets and some more petunias.

Yesterday we had the first customers of the year. I found a five dollar bill in the box and Phyllis sold 4 big Martha Washington geraniums. We have a slow start up here and while the big places have been selling had over fist for the past month, we are just getting going.

We are still bringing some things in and covering others at night because the temperature is dipping into the mid and lower 30’s. We had a few plants brunt and ruined the other day because we misjudged the weather and that was a bitter lesson. These were plants we nurtured for months and they were damage by one night of cold. That will never happen again.

Plans for today include finish cleaning up last years perennial stock, pouring bird feeders, making some more baskets and working on the herb garden fence. There may even be time for a walk.

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