The potpourri shown here can be used in aroma sachets or on their own as table decoration.
The delicate fragrance will add ambiance when set out in shallow bowls or use with centerpiece decorations.
Its easy to make potpourri sachets.
All the supplies can be found at a well stocked crafts store.
The only tools necessary are a pair of sharp scissors and maybe a straight edge and pencil for marking.
Supplies needed are tulle and ribbon for tying.
Tulle is a fabric that looks like netting with very small holes.
You should have no trouble finding it in 6″ wide spools or by the yard.
Figure on 6 lineal inches for each sachet.
The ribbon could be anything you like from an 1/8″ satin to something wider and fancy.
Just remember the wider the ribbon the more difficult it is to tie.
You could buy a small amount off the roll and experiment a little before you go all out.
To start cut the tulle into 6″ by 6″ pieces. Since you are using 6″ ribbon simply measure
6″ along and cut across. If you have trouble making a straight cut you could use a straight edge
like a ruler to make a faint pencil line to guide the cut.
Now measure about 1/4 cup of potpourri and carefully pile it in the center of the tulle square.
Carefully gather the corners and give it a little twist making a tight little ball.
Tie the ribbon on the gathered part as close to the ball as you can.
And that’s it.

Potpourri Information.

Chamomile symbolizes energy in adversity.
Lavender symbolizes good luck, fertility and abundance.
Cedar placed in drawers keeps moths away and lends a nice earthy aroma to your socks.
Floral blends just smell nice.

Potpourri Sachet Favors

lavender potpourri thumbnail
Lavender Potpourri

floral potpourri thumb
Floral Potpourri

chamomile potpourri thumb
Chamomile Potpourri

cedar potpourri thumb
Cedar Potpourri

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