Working with raffia requires only a sharp pair of scissors or very sharp crafts clippers.

Raffia is a natural fiber which is striped from a type of palm tree. It has been used for weaving, as cord, and all kinds of arts and crafts.
We like it for its natural feel and appearance and its easy to work with.

Raffia is sold in most crafts type stores in bunches. Its hard to tell how much is in a bunch so unless the craft shop has a reasonable return policy you should probably start with one bunch, bring it home and take it apart.

Use a piece of string to see how much raffia you will need to go around the box. Use the string as a guide as you separate the raffia into workable lengths.

It’s fairly easy to tie a box with raffia.

Get Started

  • Decide on how many strands you want to use on each box, 2 or 3 should be enough.
  • Start with the box right side up in front of you.
  • Find the center of the raffia you are using and put the center over the middle of the box.
  • Grasp the raffia and the box and turn it over.
  • Make one half twist with the strands and make a cross.
  • Turn the box over again and bring the strands of raffia together.
  • Tie an overhand knot with the 2 strands. note* Sometimes it is a bit easier here if you have a helper lend a finger for the knot
  • You can tie any type of bow or take a bunch of short pieces and tie them to the top of the box. Fluff them out to make a natural flaring bow.
  • Trim the ends of the strands with scissors.

Fluff the bow out and make sure you are satisfied with the results. Untie that first bow and use it as a length guide for the rest of the ribbons, allowing a bit extra as a fudge factor.

Raffia comes in a number of nice colors so you may be able to match it to your theme colors. Some of the colors apt to rub off on your hands while you are working.
For a twist use the natural color with a colored strand.
Most of the colors match perfectly well with our kraft colored wedding favor gift boxes.
The raffia is easy to tie and durable so transporting the favors to the reception hall should not be a problem.

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