reservoir  hummingbird feeder
Although the hummingbird feeders are traditionally red we can glaze them with any of our available colors including orange, forest green, teal blue, light green and cobalt blue.

Reservoir hummingbird feeder

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The reservoir hummingbird feeder has 4 feeding stations and a unique stopper.

This feeder is about 7″ high and 7″ at the wide and holds about 2 cups of nectar.

The reservoir hummingbird feeder is glazed on the bottom with brilliant red. The inside is fully sealed with a food safe clear glaze.

The hanger cord is attached to a unique thumb screw plug. The plug seals the top of the feeder and provides a well for water to keep ants away.

Be sure to use sugar water nectar water in this feeder. Many commercial blends contain additives that may not be suitable for hummingbirds.

This feeder can be cleaned with a bottle brush and warm water. If soap is used be sure to rinse completely.

Hummingbirds feed through the 4 holes around the feeder perimeter. Each feed station has a non toxic terra cotta “flower” with food safe glaze to replicate a flower blossom.

This feeder is best hung in an open area away from windows. While there are no perches there seems to be some controversy as to the effect of perches on early morning feeding torpor.

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