Tools for this box include a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun.

The rings are made from gold colored curling ribbon but you could use small metal or plastic gold rings which are sold at many craft stores.

The little dove is also from the craft store and you could just as easily use another type of ornament such as a butterfly etc…

One thing to remember is these little trinkets are attractive to small children.
One could only hope that parents would have the sense to keep little ones safe but this is not always the case.
If you use small ornaments you might include a small note to remind the parents of the hazard.

Any ribbon could be used but make sure its stiff enough to hold the hoop shape.

The length of ribbon will determine the size of the ring. Experiment with various lengths to see how they relate in size to the box and ornament.

You will be using the hot glue to make the rings. The glue sets in a few seconds so work quickly. Try to find a helper so one person can apply the glue and the other can form the rings.

Get Started

  • The first step is to bring everything together on a clean well lit work surface.
  • Plug the glue gun in so that it is hot and ready when you are.
  • Lay the ribbon out flat in front of you and apply a small amount of hot glue 1/8 of an inch from one end .
  • Very quickly bring the other end of the ribbon around and press it into the still warm glue.
  • Hold the ends together for a few seconds while the glue sets.
  • Continue until you have enough rings.
  • Use the hot glue to secure the rings and ornaments in place.
  • When you are finished with the glue gun, unplug it and let it cool down.

Make all your rings up before you start to assemble the finished boxes.
You will get better at it as you go so stay on a roll and do them production style.

Remember the glue is hot, and it will stick to your skin and cause discomfort.
If you have a helper you will not need to continually set the glue gun down to form the rings. One person deposit’s the glue and the other forms the rings. While you are at it you might as well make some ring chain table decorations to drape on the head table!

An alternative to this method would be to wrap the ribbon around the box and tape it in place. Then hot glue a separate bow over the cross formed by the ribbon.

Be careful while transporting these boxes as the rings and ornaments could be crushed or broken off. Bring the glue gun to the reception hall to make last minute repairs.

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