Its been above freezing for the last 24 hours which means all the snow is melting.
The trouble is it is turning back into water which collects in the back yard.
We were not considering that when we bought the place but I can still hear Don Doney’s words echoing in my head, “always buy a house on a hill”.

The trouble is this place was available for a really really good price and we were considering the favorable electricity rate, not the geography.

Upon reflection, the fact that the back yard was inhabited with frogs, and snakes, and the ground seemed rather spongy when we first looked at it should have told us something. It turns out the well is the lowest spot in all directions, for as far as you choose to look. The good thing is the well can be used to water plants.

I would rather not wear my boots to go to the gardens or greenhouse. When I went out this morning I figured Phyllis was in the studio because there were no foot prints in the slush and I was supprised that she was in the greenhouse when I got there. Turns out she went way around on the neighbors property and then along the side of the greenhouse, walking on the benches to get in, all because she did not have her boots on.

And so that’s the way it goes back there. We would like to have a raised walkway sometime but we do not wish to restrict truck access to the back of the lot. Maybe a floating bridge.

On another note the peppers, which we thought were vole chow, started to come up. It looked as if the voles had eaten them all before they sprouted so we ordered more seeds. The flats were put on the center benches to see what would happen. Lo and behold there are peppers sprouting every where. But no husk cherrys. More seeds are on the way and we can plant them when they come.

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