While it’s cold outside, (In this part of the world it’s about 22 F and there’s a foot of snow on the ground) spring is definitely in the air and its time for Some spring wedding choices. While summer and fall still reign tops as the most popular times of the year to get married, spring should be given serious consideration. Here’s why.

Keeping prices down and making weddings affordable is becoming the trend and spring can be a good time to find values. Resorts that cater more to summer or winter visitors may be very happy to have business during what is considered off season.

Think about ski resorts and lakeside retreats. Reception and banquet halls tend to be less booked and therefore easier to negotiate with. You may have a better choice of limo services and photographers and tux rentals (just be sure to check when local proms are).

Fuchsia, mango and yellows are a few of the colors for 2010 and these can easily be incorporated into a spring wedding. Think bright yellow daffodils with pussy willows which match well with the yellows. Tulips come in a myriad of color choices from yellows, orange to rich red and golden yellows. Deep rose pink and white tulips in a pewter vase would be striking.

f lighter colors are more your style, you could incorporate crocuses, lilacs, cherry blossoms, crab apple blossoms, magnolias, lily of the valley or forget me not’s.

Because these are spring flowers and don’t have to be imported you will probably find them at very good prices from your florist. A bonus would be to get them from a friend or family member who already grows them and arrange them yourself.

When considering favors butterflies and dragonflies come to mind. Choose colors that will help your guests think of new beginnings, and remember the day with a thoughtful keepsake.

Spring is also a time for freshness and seasonal fruits and vegetables can be easily incorporated into your menu. Asparagus, spinach, greens (lettuce, endive, and escarole) radishes, peas and green onions are all in abundance at this time of year. Grilled asparagus with a balsamic dressing makes a wonderful side dish. Fruits in season include strawberries, rhubarb, kiwis, and lemons. Why not serve strawberry and kiwi salad with a lemon dressing.

Cupcakes are still popular but the new trend for wedding cakes seems to be a two tiered cake for each table. Why not do double duty and decorate the cakes with edible spring flowers such as Johnny jump ups or pansies. Then the cake could serve as a centerpiece.

Just as spring is the beginning to a new year, your spring wedding will serve as the beginning of a new life together.

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