It seems like everyone is obsessed with cutting back these days and for good reason, but you may want to think before cutting back on favors. Many folks are unsure of their financial stability and some of us have dug ourselves into serious debt. If the truth be told we all probably should have been more thrifty all along. After all how big does a television set need to be?

The cost of weddings had spiraled out of control to the point where brides were burning through credit cards faster than the tapers at the head table.

But it might be wise to think about cutting back on wedding favors.

One of the primary reasons to give favors is showing your appreciation for their presents and to give the guests a keepsake of the day. Why give something that will be left in the back of a drawer or worse yet, on the table at the party.

In such times it bodes us well to stop and take a good hard look at the wedding plans and obligations before things get too out of hand. There are always places brides can cut back a little bit by trimming costs here and there rather than eliminating components altogether.

When it comes to the wedding favors there are plenty of good choices for less than $5.00. Aromatherapy ornament wedding favors at about $3.00 each including favor, ribbon, fragrance, personalization, personalized card and box are a great value. Your guest will appreciate hand crafted favors that are produced here in the United States.

Why not grace your guests with a tasteful and fun favor to celebrate the date and serves as a reminder for years to come?

Just remember to take the time and do a good thorough search using a variety of search engines, text and images.

If the cost of buying favors is out of the question then maybe you could make some of your own. It’s easy to make plantable seed wedding favors and a small investment in paper and seed go a long way. Your guests will appreciate the gift and the effort and love that went into creating them.

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