I know that the posts are few and far between these days but I do have an excuse.
Excuse #1. I brought a new LG wide screen monitor home and was mortified by the way the sites looked. They all need work and it’s high time they were updated and so that is why I have been to busy to post.

The wedding department page is updated for the most part as this site, except for the blog theme. I am working hard to get the wild birds page updated. I have a new layout that we like a lot and now it it is just a matter of plugging in all the data. But first the new photos need to be cropped and re sized. It will probably be a few more days and a good thing too as I have several more sites in the works that need to be finished this month.

We are still working the bugs out of this site as well. For some reason google thinks the blog site map is an html document but in fact it is xml. Still don’t know what’s going on there.

Excuse #2. I have been busy re potting and breaking up all the hold over plants in the greenhouse. That job is just about finished but there is the issue of starting new herbs and perennials for this season, not to mention the early annuals.

I am taking lots of photos as we go along so that when the new posts hit there will be plenty of visuals to keep it interesting.

Excuse #3. We are busy with wedding favor orders and samples and on top of that one of the wild bird stores ordered 60 teardrop bird feeders.

So posts will be sporadic at best.

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