Last night we had a frost and tonight the temps will go down into the upper 20’s f.
This is not uncommon for this time of year. As a matter of fact the temperatures have been fairly mild compared to some years. Looks like it’s still too early to plant the garden

Usually the end of May is when we should think about planting in this part of the country but sometimes the weather tricks people into thinking it is time to plant now. That and the big box stores.
The large chain stores do not seem to have a clue or even care that they sell plants out of season and even out of zone.

Only cold hearty plants and vegetables can be safely planted this time of year. This includes some herbs, lettuce, spinach and peas. And that is taking a chance that we will not have a hard freeze. We have had snow on Mothers Day and it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Gardners need to pay attention to the temperature of the soil as well as the air. Placing black plastic or landscape fabric on the ground can help to raise the soil temperature but it is just as easy to wait.
It is true that we have a shorter growing season than some parts of the country but it has usually been long enough to grow many crops successfully.

Besides, there are plenty of other early spring tasks to attend to. The end of May will be here before you know it!

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