tube hummingbird feeder

Tube Hummingbird Feeder

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Hang this feeder in the shade on a porch or tree away from a window. Iron hooks are fine as long as the feeder is hung in a shady area.

Some people smear a bit of petroleum jelly on the hanger to keep ants away.

We call this feeder our drip-less hummingbird feeder.
The feeder is about 8″ high and 4″ at the widest and holds about 2 cups of nectar. ( not counting the tube )

We affix a terra-cotta flower head to the end of the strong copper feeding tube. We use copper instead of glass or plastic for safety. The copper metal actually helps to prevent the growth of pathogens.
The tube is can be adjusted to control drips.

The cork is food save lab grade soft rubber for a tight fit. If one of our feeders leaks we will cheerfully replace it.

The tube hummingbird feeder is glazed on the top with deep red and our signature maple leaf. The inside is fully sealed with a food safe clear glaze.

These feeders are very easy to clean with a bottle brush and some hot soapy water or a little bleach. Be sure to rinse the feeder well before filling.

While many hummingbird feeders are red, we can glaze these with any of our stock colors.

Pick from orange, red, cobalt blue, teal blue, forest green or light green glaze.

Hummingbirds are fun to watch and they soon loose their fear of people. But try to keep the feeder away from pets who might alarm the birds.

Don’t waste money on commercially prepared hummingbird nectar. Make it at home from sugar and water. Simply follow our humming bird nectar recipe.

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

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