No, they are not chairs for watersking!
They are chairs made from waterskis.
One day we were helping Phyllis’s sister clean out under their cottage and she asked if we wanted some old water skis.

Not be ones to see interesting stuff go to waste we brought them home.
After a little experimentation and with no plans we ended up with water ski chairs.
These water ski chairs are very sturdy and surprisingly comfortable.

Each chair is unique due to the scarcity of wooden water skis and hand crafted to order.
They are sealed with a satin finish durable clear poly varnish. 3 coats!

If you have your own water skis we can make a chair for you. Contact us for prices using your water skis.

Water Ski Chairs – $575.00 each.

4 weeks delivery time.

water ski chair 1

water ski chair 2