Wedding Favor Card
The card is laser printed, not inkjet, on heavy 110 lb card stock.
The glass vials contain about 1/5 dram of your choice:
Vanilla, Lavender, Coconut or Balsam aromatherapy fragrance oil.

wedding favor card outside
The front of the card is personalized with your message choice, in this case the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.
We can print any message or no message, your choice.
On the back of the card in very small letters:
This favor is hand crafted by…
Five Cedars
po box 123
theresa ny 13691

wedding favor card inside

The inside left of the card reads:
Aromatherapy Favor, Handcrafted Clay Bisque
Place a drop or two of aroma oil on the back of the favor.
Hang this favor in a window, or auto as an air freshener, or us as a holiday ornament.
The inside right of the card reads:
Vanilla (or your choice) Oil
Please use both hands and open the oil very carefully using a twist.
Be sure to press the cap on tight. Use this oil sparingly or substitute your favorite fragrance.

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