Flowers are an important part of many events and the fact that we use them everywhere from weddings to funerals proves the point.

What wedding would be complete with out at least a small bridal bouquet. If the ceremony is to be small and intimate, say in front of the JP, then a hand held corsage will be fine.
For more elaborate affairs with many guests a larger, but not necessarily showier version is appropriate.
If you are in a pinch you could make your own bouquet very easily and he is how to do it.
Stop by the flower section of the grocery store.

Look for a nice flower or group of flowers to use as a focal point to build on. Check to see if there is a corsage that you could start with.
If they do not have anything that moves you then select a small number of flowers in a color you like.
Ask the attendant or a store employee if you could have or buy a yard or 2 of floral wire and some florist tape.

Pick some smaller fill in flowers to surround the focal point. Keep all the stems trimmed to about 6 to 8 inches because they will serve as a handle. The additional flowers will make the arrangement bigger and fill it out.
Tie the flowers together with the floral wire by wrapping it snugly around the stems. When you have the flowers arranged to your liking wrap the florist tape around the stems to cover the wire and make a more comfortable handle.

At this point you could also fashion a loop handle by attaching a loop of 1/2 inch lace material into a circle, then incorporating it into the final wrap. The loop handle will allow the bride to hole the bouquet without using a firm grip.
The hand is slipped into the loop and any amount of pressure on the stems will keep the flowers safe in hand.

Flowers for other occasions include centerpieces and table decorations.
If you are convinced you want to make your own flower arrangements then take a look at the flower arranging choices at About.

They have taken the time to arrange a number of articles and sources for flower arrangements.
If you want to go the mail order or on line route then a trip to 1 800 Flowers may be in order.
This site has a huge selection of flowers for any occasion. They also include tips and selection guides. Even if you are not going to buy flowers it would serve you well to take a look at how they arrange the wedding flowers.

Artificial flowers can be a viable alternative to fresh flowers.
Also known as silk flowers they available in single stems and finished pieces. There are even artificial plants, trees and the list goes on.
If you want to go the “do it yourself” route then check out some of the local craft shops for an idea of what is available.

Some of the “marts” also have a wide selection of artificial flowers and deserve a look as well.
Because they do not need water they ship well and can be purchased well in advance of any event. Just keep them in a cool, dry and dust free place.

And make sure they have plenty of room, in other words do not pack them tight or crush them. You do not want to open the package a week before your event to find your arrangement flattened like a pancake.

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