The sun came out today with a vengeance. What a difference a day makes in the garden.

This is exactly what we need. The weather has been gray for some time and not only is it depressing the cloudy conditions make the plants leggy. The tomatoes especially. We managed to put up about 8 flats and the idea was to get them buried up to their necks.

Some people wait until there are 2 sets of true leaves but in this case the seedlings were going to be more than 2″ tall and if we had waited one more day they would be too tall to work with.
This way we can put them in the sun and they will grow wide. We will probably pinch them in a week and that will help a lot. The weather report looks like nice bright days for the coming week at least and that will help dry things out. And with a little luck we can put a lot of the herbs and plants like Johnny Jump Ups and Pansies out, making more room for tomatoes and peppers.

Another bit of sun came into the greenhouse today. We were not thinking about school being out as we were busy feeding and planting up. There was a noise at the door and there stood Miranda. She is one of the local kids who come buy in the summer and help with chores like watering plants, washing equipment and generally making fun contributions to the general atmosphere. She was checking to see if her job was going to be open this season.

We chatted and caught up on the going on. She cleaned up a bunch of geraniums that had been on our list to do but somehow did not move to the head of the “things to do now” list, then left with a plant for her mother. With our kids living away its nice to have some one to nurture.

And so now its midnight. I was suppose to get to bed but seeing as how some one did not put enough hours in today I will have to stay up a while longer. I must finish the wedding dept page for the relaunch as it is hanging over my head. Maybe if we had not spent part of the afternoon tramping around the woods on the island ….. oh well, life is too short not to tramp around the woods.

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