Filling bird feeders without spilling the seed can be a daunting task.

With all the feeder designs available it’s hard to come up with a technique that works with all of them.
Funnels are some help but using one requires 3 hands.

And don’t even think about pouring from the corner of a 40 lb bag of bird seed.
We have found this simple answer to the problem and it only costs the deposit on a 2 liter plastic bottle.

This method works with all the feeders we have around the property including our terra cotta avi-orb, wooden bin type and it works especially
well for the sock and tube thistle feeders.

Here the video showing how to make a feeder filler from a plastic soda bottle.
Step by step instruction are posted below as well

1. For materials all you need is a plastic 2 liter bottle.
For tools you will need a marker, a sharp pointed knife and a pair of scissors.

Almost any type of scissors will work, just don’t use the expensive ones your wife uses for sewing.
If you do then filling the feeders with be the lest of your problems.

A soup size tin can is used to charge the feeder filler.

feeder filler 1

2. Draw a circle on one side of the bottle with the marker.

Make the about 2 inches from the bottom of the bottle.
Just freehand it.

If you want you could use anything round to trace a circle on the bottle.

Stop sniffing the marker.

feeder filler 2

3. Carefully start a hole in the bottle using the sharp pointed knife.

Be really careful.

The best way to do this is to position the knife at the bottom of the circle which should also be at the bottom of the bottle.
The formed bottle bottom makes this spot the most ridged of any spot along the side.
Use a quick thrust making sure the sharp part of the knife is facing away from your hand.
The object is to make a small slit 1/2 to 1 inch long where the scissors can start the cut.

feeder filler 3

4. Use the scissors to cut around the circle until you have a hole in the bottle.

You could use the knife to make the cut but the scissors are easier and safer.

Make sure you recycle the scrap that was cut away.

What ever you do, don’t put plastic in refuse you are planing to burn.

feeder filler 4

5. A soup size tin can works great for charging the feeder filler with seed.

Any type or size wild bird feed works.

The filler is especially good for filling tube thistle feeders, especially the cloth socks.

Leave the cap on until you are ready to fill a feeder, then replace the cap to keep the seed from falling out of the hole.

Feeder filler 5

6. Keep the hole on top while you fill the bird feeders.

You could use a larger or smaller bottle depending on the size of your feeders and your ability to handle a large bottle.
Keep the filler and the soup can right in with your bird feed.

Always use fresh feed and keep it covered and dry.

Metal cans with locking lids prevent rodents from getting into the feed bin.

feeder filler 6
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