Welcome to our zone 4 gardening blog.

We love to garden but we live in a part of the world with what seems like 9 months of winter and 3 months of poor sledding.

In northern New York State we can see snow on Halloween or Mothers Day and often times in between.

In spite of the cool weather challenges many gardeners and farmers are able to turn out respectable crops of most vegetables and flowers.

Technically we are considered a zone 4b which means our cold weather might range from minus 20 to minus 25 in the Fahrenheit scale, but it can go lower, as our 2015 winter proved.

While we pick crops and planting that will survive these conditions, there are plenty of example of beating the temperatures by being creative or taking advantage of small “micro” climates.

We like to share our experience with new gardeners, especially since a large portion of our population is from other parts of the country. We are near a fairly large Army base, Fort Drum NY.

Our work is cut out for us especially since the local big box stores routinely stock plants that are not meant for this part of the country. One aim of our blog is to help educate the new population on our climate and how to work with it for the best growing results.

The satisfaction of living in harmony with our surroundings, despite the challenges, setbacks and disappointment is truly one of the best parts of making our lives here.

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Best Wishes,
Phyllis and Tom

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