SO who thought it was a good idea to post in the morning? I was under the misconception that the morning hours have more time in them than the evening ones.

We spent a good portion of the day raking leaves at Santway park. Santway park is a tract of land that was left to the village by a Dr Santway years ago. He rightly thought that a park would be a tourist attraction.

So a group of residents, present company included, have taken it upon themselves to spruce the place up.
It was nice to see so many people come out with rakes and shovels and other implements of destruction to pitch in. The crew was as young as 7 and as old as, well some of those ladies are well advanced in years, well beyond 70.

After punishing the rake for the middle of the day we came back to walk the lawn mower around the homestead. We have a rider but there seems to be a miss adjustment in one of the linkages and I just can not bring my self to look at it.

When we bought it used for $50.00 we just needed something to do the lawn. There were no gardens, no greenhouse, and no flower beds. Even then it took about a hour to do the whole thing. Now with all the obstructions its more like a obstacle course.

The only thing we did today was to water some of the plants. The winter over perennials in the gallons are cleaned up and all put back in the beds. It will be interesting to see all of what comes back.
As it is the lupines, monardia, rudibeckia, fox glove and a lot of herbs are showing their heads. It’s been so dry that we will need to water everyone of them tomorrow. This sunlight is getting the plants looking nice but at the expense of time and water.

Even though the days are very nice, cool but bright, the evenings and night are cold. A customer from near by said the out door thermometer read 22 the other night and I believe her.
Anyway we are fairly fagged out with all the raking, mowing, going to the dump and general messing around we did today so this is it.

Hopefully we will get a chance to work on the herb garden fence tomorrow. We have a really cool design in mind, taken from a fence we saw in an old movie. If it turns out as nice as we envision we will be posting a how two and photos.


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