Our wind chime wedding favors are hand crafted in our studio located in Theresa NY which is close to the 1000 islands region and off the end of Lake Ontario.

We start with stoneware or porcelain clay and hand cut the pieces one at a time.

The parts are then fired in a kiln to around 2100 degrees F. This makes the chime parts very durable and gives them the tone.

Next we hand tie each piece to the hanger top. A typical wind chime wedding favor like the moon and star chime has 17 individual knots and every one must be perfect.

When the chime is finished we hand pack them with tissue in a fine gift box for safe shipping and a tasteful presentation.

Thank you for considering our wind chimes as your party favors and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The story behind our wind chime wedding favors.

We began making porcelain and stoneware wind chimes more than 30 years ago.

It all started with a lump of clay on the kitchen table. Our first design was the Autumn Leaf Chime and at that time we used low fire clay and each piece was hand airbrushed.

For a time we sold them at crafts markets and fairs for extra money. After a while we switched from the low fire clay to the stoneware and porcelain we now use.

Along the way we created a website where we sold our wind chimes and terra cotta bird houses and feeders online.

One day we received a call from a New York City bride who wanted to use the fall leaf wind chimes as wedding favors.

She saw the larger chimes and wondered if we could make a smaller version that was less expensive.
We were a bit amused but we made the favor chimes and that was that, or so we thought.

Not too long after that we received another call from a bride who after attending the wedding decided she would also like to have wind chimes.

That is when we launched The Wedding Department and there have been a number of versions of the site, this one being the latest as of the beginning of 2010.

Because we make these favors by hand we have the flexibility to customize a design or theme and our customers continue to inspire us with new ideas.

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