About our wholesale prices.
We have priced our items at less than 1/2 of what a customer would pay on our website including shipping.
Many shops double the wholesale price.

We offer a shipping incentive: We will include free merchandise with a RETAIL value equal or more than the shipping for free.
In a sense this gives free shipping.
The shipping incentive good only for the lower 48 US states.

Shipping times: Usually between 1 to 2 weeks for all items unless custom personalization.

We ship FedEx ground in most cases. We find the price more than fair and service is best.

Payment when shipped via credit card or cleared check.
NY state customers are responsible for 7.75% State sale tax.

Minimum wholesale order $100.00

At this time we do not have wholesale items in the cart so you will need to email us the order.
We hope to make this easier very soon.

NOTE* Photos not to scale. For more info and details see the individual product page.

Terra cotta wild bird feeders:
China hat feeders, any color $14.00 china-hat-feeder-thumb
Tear drop feeders, any color $12.00tear-drop-feeder-thumb
Dome feeder, any color $12.00dome-top-feeder-thumb
Tube hummingbird feeder, any color $14.00hummingbird-feeder-h1-thumb
Reservoir hummingbird feeder, any color $14.00hummingbird-feeder-h2-thumb
Oriole fruit feeder, any color $6.00fruit-feeder-thumb
Available Colors:
Forest Green
Teal Blue
Apple Green
Cobalt Blue

Terra cotta wild bird houses:
China hat house, any color $14.00terra- cotta bird house china hat
Tear drop house, any color $12.00tear-drop-house-apple-150h
Dome house, any color $12.00Dome top terra-cotta wild bird house
Available Colors:
Forest Green
Teal Blue
Apple Green
Cobalt Blue

Wooden sock and bell holder:
Hanger mount, natural or stained any color $11.00Dry roof with thistle sox.
Wall mount, natural or stained any color $11.00dry roof 3 (1 of 1)
Available colors:
Forest Green

Clay wind chimes:
Dove, Porcelain $10.00peace dove wind chimes
Angel, Porcelain $10.00angels-350
Butterfly, Porcelain, any color $10.00butterfly wind chimes
Moon and star, Porcelain $10.00moon and star wind chime
Owl, Stoneware $10.00owl wind chimes
Frog, Stoneware $10.00frog wind chime
Patriotic stars, Porcelain $12.00patriotic star wind chime
Autumn leaf, Stoneware, painted $12.00autumn leaf wind chimes
Fall leaf, Stoneware, natural $12.00fall leaf wind chimes

Clay wind bells:
Terra cotta, any color $14.00ceramic wind bell
Available colors:
Forest Green
Teal Blue
Apple Green
Cobalt Blue

Clay Ornaments:
Wholesale Price Breakdown.
Any Ornament
1 $4.95
2 to 10: $3.95
11 to 25: $3.49
26 to 50: $3.25
51 or more: $2.95

Sand Dollar Ornamentsand dollar wedding favor
Dragonfly Ornamentdragonfly ornament wedding favor
Hummingbird Ornamenthummingbird wedding favor
Dove Ornamentpeace dove wedding favor ornament
Fall Leaf Ornamentfall leaf wedding favor
Autumn Leaf Ornamentautumn leaf wedding favor ornament
Oak Leaf Ornamentoak leaf wedding favor ornament
Seashell Ornamentseashell ornament wedding favors
Heart Ornamentheart wedding favor ornament
Butterfly OrnamentButterfly wedding favor ornament
Angel Ornamentangel wedding favor ornament
Moon & Star Ornamentmoon and star wedding favor ornaments
Baseball OrnamentBaseball Wedding Favor Ornament
Snowflake Ornamentsnowflake wedding favor ornament