We’re Phyllis and Tom Roberts,
Artists at large.

Tom and Phyllis Roberts

Five Cedars was born more than 30 years ago as we fiddled with a piece of clay on the kitchen table.

It seemed to us that clay might be a good material for wind chimes and we began making and selling them at local arts and crafts shows.

In time our methods and materials improved and we began offering the chimes at wholesale prices to be sold retail.

During the early years we only sold chimes but eventually we decided to branch out into birdhouses. While we had a wood shop we noticed every woodworker with a saw, hammer and piece of wood was making bird houses, and since we already had the equipment for clay, then why not clay.

We made the decision to slip cast the wild bird items using terra cotta and the choice to make them round came from our first design, inspired by gourd houses. We figured round nest, round house. We quickly found our customers wanting feeders and so we added them to the line, including a few terra cotta hummingbird feeders.

One fateful day a customer called with what we thought an odd request. She wanted to use our wind chimes as her wedding favors but she was looking for a smaller size and lower price. Since smaller would be cheaper we scaled down one of our full sized chimes to an affordable size and she was very happy.

The next thing we knew others who saw the chimes also wanted to include them in weddings, and more. We added them to the website and customers began calling from around the world. After a time we added the ornaments as an affordable option for those who wanted quality hand crafted favors.

We were always involved in gardening, wood work, metal work, stained glass, photography and other mediums and we finally decided to combine them all into this one site. The cost of keeping numerous secure sites with separate shopping carts seemed like a waste of our money.

Please take a few minutes to check us out and feel free to contact us anytime with question, comments or criticisms.

Best Wishes,
Tom and Phyllis

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