This year we tried a new kind of summer squash and an old reliable zucchini. I for one am not impressed with the new squash. Since I did not order the seeds, (turns head to both sides looking around) but I can guarantee the crook neck will be on the seed list for next year. One thing for sure, hot dry weather stunts zucchini.

As for the zucchini, what we have picked has been nice but what there has been of it is scant compared to past years. After asking around we found that other gardeners are experiencing the same results. Naturally we we right away try to assign blame to the weather. After all it can have been our superior gardening skills.

The weather has been hot, true, but we have had water in the garden well all season long. As a matter of fact a rather large bull frog has taken up residence. I can’t imagine how he got there because the stone sides of the well are nearly 3 foot high. I suppose he could have jumped it but why would he? Can frogs smell water? Maybe a trick from a tricksty neighbor?

Only the frog knows for sure and he is not saying. As long as there is water in the well he should be fine but he might be better off out of the well. Trouble is getting him out of the well. He has a little ledge to rest on but the minute anyone peers over the top he dives into the water. We will try a net attached to a long pole.

As far as the water goes we seem to be OK. It is raining right now, a slow soaking rain, and that should keep the tomato plants hydrated. Our garden is the low spot for at least 50 acres and so it usually does not need much watering which is good because we pay for the water.

When we looked at the property to buy, everything out back was unmowed and very wet. The ground quivered under foot and there were legions of leopard frogs. At that time it was too wet for gardening but mowing helped to equalize the moisture content and it is fine for gardening now.

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