One of the many questions we are often asked is how many wedding favors to order. This is a perfectly good question, especially since many of our customers are first time brides.

The answer depends on what kind of favors are being considered. Traditional candy type favors are usually meant to be consumed at the party, although some of the personalized ones will be taken home. So, in the case of the candy plan on one per guest including the kids and bring extras.

More and more couples are giving guests more substantial favors in the form of keepsakes. The number and price range for these type favors is vast and confusing at best. There are some handy rules used to determine the number of wedding favors for keepsakes. For example when the item is of a personal nature that could only be used by one person at a time, such as a shot glass or goblet then think about one per guest. On the other hand if the item is something shared like a candy dish, maybe one would be enough. Some items like our aromatherapy ornaments can be given to the couple or each guest.

Other problem can arise when ordering personalized wedding favors such as lead time. Lead time is how long it takes from ordering custom favors till they can be delivered. In some cases this may be only a few days but in others many weeks. The big problem here is you may not have a good count until only weeks before the wedding. For our customers we offer the option of ordering conservatively at first and then adding to the at the last minute to cover unforeseen changes. Make sure your vendor is flexible enough to cover your changing circumstances.

Lastly, if children will be present try to think of something special for them. Small safe toys or healthy snacks are a good bet.

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