For the love of Pete when I started this blog I was determined to make a post each day. That was my intention. But it has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I need to be more people for sure!

To catch up. The farmers market at the Bay is going swimmingly. There were more vendors this past week than any week this season. Many vendors had local strawberry, rhubarb, beets, greens and what appeared to be trucked in vegetables from Syracuse. ( one of my pet peeves but this is not a perfect world so I let it go. )

I still do not have the full list of farmers markets posted on the site and I wished I had more time. Most of my spare time has been spent on the wedding site. I am in the middle of a total re-write and since we depend on the traffic for our lively hood the wedding seo comes first.

We are down to just a few flats of annual flowers. Some marigolds, dusty miller, verbena and some of the ivy that got nailed by frost. The ivy did not come back but the geraniums that were hit are now looking very good and selling well.

We are taking the larger 4 inch geraniums and potting them up into 1/2 gallons. This makes them look better and they sell better too. We use a little nutricote time release fertilizer on the transplants to keep them healthy.

Our target to be done with the annuals each year is July 4 and it looks like we will be able to make it.
We will keep selling herbs, baskets, geraniums, hosta and perennials for rest of the summer. This does not take as much time as doing the annuals and leaves us time to get the next seasons crop of perennials going. It is remarkable how well the perennials look after wintering over in the gallon pots.

This year we simply nested them together in raised beds and covered them with straw. This was a bad plan because the straw was full of seeds and it also made a good place for the voles to hide.
They ate a good number of plants by the root and chewed a lot of pots up.

This year we are going to bed them inside pine mulch so that each pot is entirely encapsulated, hopefully making it hard for the voles to move from one pot to the other. We will see how this works.

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