The snow is finally here and the days are getting shorter. We are fast approaching the shortest day of the year know as the winter solstice. The shortage of light is thought to cause depression in many people.

It is also thought that bright light can help to alleviate the effects of a long winters night, but as it turns out there is a bit more to it than just bright light. Apparently the timing of the light is important. An article at Web MD points to studies that indicate the best time for bright light is in the morning.
It seems this will help to reset our internal clocks, thus helping us cope with the effects of light deprivation.

This may explain the euphoric feeling when working in the greenhouse during a bright winter morning. I used to think it had something to do with the extra oxygen that the plants start producing in the morning. If the temperature is below 80 degrees in side the vents do not function so all the extra oxygen is trapped in the greenhouse.

I think it would be fun to test the concentration to see if I am right.
Anyway now it seems that the light may have something to do about it as well.

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