It’s the middle of January,the temperatures are in the mid 20’s and the ground is covered in snow. But inside the greenhouse the temperatures are in the mid 70’s and the floor is covered in bits of leaves and other fallen items.

We have been busy with the holidays and other work but it is time to get things moving in the greenhouse.
Last weekend we picked every last dead leaf and weed out of the plants and generally cleaned things up. The next day we took a trip down to Watson Greenhouse in LaFayette NY and they were doing the same think!

It is important to keep litter to a minimum as it harbors pests and disease. Things can pile up over the fall and winter especially because October, November and December are such slow times and the plants requirements for light, heat and water are at a minimum.

We took out at least 6 buckets of junk and piled them on the “pile” where we put junk. Normally we blaze a path to the pile with the snow blower but this year we did not intend to keep the greenhouse warm for the winter so it was overlooked. However with the mild weather and good sun we decided to turn the temperature way down and hope for the best.

So far things are going fine and the days are getting longer while the sun is climbing higher.
Next … tuning up the plants.

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